I learned from one of my other questions that the "Service Battery" warning will limit your CPU power and slow your computer down - this is a problem I've been having with my MacBook Pro.

I have 906 cycles on it but I'm still getting good life and unfortunately, I don't have time to go to get my battery replaced ATM since it's the middle of exam season for me.

Resetting the SMC gets me going for a while with full CPU speed, but then it slows down again.

How can I disable this warning and get my computer back for the next week?


The bad news is you can not reset the cycle counter, it is a part of battery circuit. Your battery is at its end of life (EOL).


How to keep battery running just a bit longer, keep it cold.

Do not have your laptop on your lap even if the name says so.

Go to your fridge and get one of those jelly-packs and put it under the laptop.

Energy Saving

Quit or disable any applications you are not actively using.

Dim the screen as much you can.

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I don't thin you can reset the warning, but just in case you missed it, check out my reply to your other post about the original problem you're trying to solve.

Constant SMC resets required

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