Can someone please tell me what's happening here : http://awesomescreenshot.com/02c2otqbf9 This can be fixed by clearing my cache. Pictures are broken.

My OS is MAC Mavericks, happens on all browsers including Windows browser ( Virtual Box )

But this happens a alot on all the websites I'm doing it's frustrating.


Also happens on desktop pictures : enter image description here



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I can not help you further then explained in my answer below.

You have installed a add-on with some "other" software from a 3d party.

That one is causing all your problems.

You can try to talk to the developer, or do a clean uninstall of the application and all its by products on your computer.

Well, it is a bit a spam if you want to call it that way.

When you open that web site and click on it, you will get a browser add on.

browser add on

When you hover over the "Firefox version" (in my case), you will see following in the bottom left corner:

add on

To get rid of it, open your browsers preferences and remove that add on.


in my case it shows the Firefox version (add on), since i used it to get the page.

I used the standard os x screen capture for the images in here.


I recommend you get rid off that add-on asap since it installs stuff you do not want!

Also remove all web screen shots taken by that POS! including in your desk top collection.


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