I suddenly have only 2 contacts in my Contacts! I have a MacBook Pro, am using OS 10.9.2. Following instructions from another answer, I looked for Address book folder in the library/App. Support folder and it is not there. So couldn't proceed.

In Time Machine yesterday it shows "Address book Forwarder". But I don't know what that means, but perhaps it had something to do with my loss? Does this mean I sent my address book somewhere? Looks like it!

I don't know how to use Time Machine to restore my contacts. The restore button is grayed out. Nothing happens when I double click the Contacts folder there, so I don't know how to copy the content, nor where to paste it since I do not have that folder in the Library that you mention.

I do not use iCloud. I do have files backed up on an external drive, but don't know how to use it.

I know this sounds like a mess and it seems to be.

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If you use Time Machine, just open the Contacts app, and THEN go to Time Machine (Click on the menubar icon / Enter Time Machine)

Enter Time Machine
Once there, you can "travel in time" to an older date and find the missing contact. This is where you select the contact and click "Restore".

Time Machine Working

You don't need to restore a folder or file, but the contact (in the Contacts app) itself.

  • This didn't work for me. Some of my contacts lost their phone numbers. I chose a contact, found the previous, more complete entry, and hit restore. It exited Time Machine and asked me if I wanted to import the new card. I hit "Import" but the card didn't change. It was still missing the phone number. Dec 7, 2016 at 0:26

I also do not use iCloud. My phone was so full (especially documents & data which seem impossible to delete without restoring the phone) that I ended up backing up my phone and restoring it to factory (with the new iOS8). Anyway, since iTunes won't let me pick and choose what I want to restore from the backup, I lost all my contacts.
I went to my phone, settings, iCloud and turned the on CONTACTS only and a few seconds later, all of my contacts appeared. I'm not sure (because I have so many) if it's maybe from a prior life when I tried to use iCloud or where it came from but it looks like everyone's there. It's very simple to try at least. Hope it helps.

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