My contact list op my iPhone 5s suddenly shows hundreds of contacts for people that I do not know with full contact info. I have synced with Facebook and have LinkedIn and Exchange installed, but these contacts are not part of my "friends". Has anyone experienced the same issue? What can I do?

  • Look if any of your accounts are hacked, by changing the passwords on them. – Ruskes Apr 19 '14 at 8:36
  • Do they show up in your iCloud Contacts? – 0942v8653 Apr 19 '14 at 11:58

There are many possibility:

1: Facebook sync with your contact info, as I know, Facebook will suggest people you may know to you.

2: Are you using a same Apple ID with your families or friends? Contacts will sync to your other device with same Apple ID.

3: Are you using other's SIM card? SIM card store contact inside the micro chip!!

4: Your Apple ID have been hacked.....change your password immediately and never tell others your ID and password.


You need to deselct contacts under the facebook app in settings, then select 'dont allow changes' under settings and restrictions.


Turns out, that Outlook had synchronized thousands of contacts from MS CRM. Deleting them from Outlook solved the problem.


For me it seemed to be Outlook contacts.

enter image description here.

I checked the group settings in Contacts as you see in the picture and all the junk contacts went away.

  • Can you clarify on how checking the group settings caused the junk contacts to no longer be present. Are you saying that you unchecked an option visible in the screenshot? – Jake3231 Mar 22 '18 at 3:30

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