I'm one of these people who likes to grab the scroll bar and move it around now-n-then when I'm not using the scroll wheel on my mouse.

But what I find really annoying is I have to scroll to get it to appear, which is fine, but it disappears before I can grab it.

How can I increase the duration that the scroll bar shows before it disappears?



defaults write -g NSOverlayScrollerHideDelay -float 3

where 3 is a value in seconds and quit and reopen applications to apply the changes.

I found the preference key by running mdfind kMDItemContentType=public.unix-executable -onlyin /System|xargs strings 2>/dev/null|grep -E '^[[:alnum:].-]{10,80}$'|grep -i scroll.

  • Worked perfectly. I set it to 5 seconds :D – Phill Apr 18 '14 at 17:38

One other option is to set up the behaver via one of the three options in "System Preferences=>General":

enter image description here

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