I'm using Keynote 6.2. Is there a way to change the default properties of shape objects? Specifically, I'd like to get rid of the drop shadow and the advanced color fill. It's a pain to have to change it manually every time I create a new shape.

I figured out that I can create a shape, change the style and go to Format | Advanced | Create shape style, then I can delete all the default styles by right clicking, so only my styles show. The problem is that when I create a new presentation, my custom styles disappear and the defaults come back. Is there any way to make them permanent?

Also, can I change the default text size and font?

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Yes that is possible - you need to exchange the template file within Keynote.

First, save the presentation you want to use as a the new template with a .kth extension. Keynote will not directly let you do that, so you need to rename the file in Finder.

Within the Keynote.app package, find the folder Contents / Shared Support / Templates. To change the defaults of the "White" Theme in standard format, replace Standard.kth in the White folder.

I have also made a step by step guide with screenshots for the method.

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