I have a macbook air mid 2013 model. It worked with no problem till now. Today when I opened the macbook it shows no charge symbol(I mean when you press power button it shows a battery icon in a black screen like iPhone does when its battery is drained).

I connected the charger but there is no led light(green or amber). It is not detecting the charger . I checked the same charger in another macbook.The charger works perfectly.

I tried doing SMC and PRAM reset. Since there is no power in the machine nothing happens. Please help.

The OS is Mavericks.

I got the macbook in London and I am in India now. Will the Apple warranty work internationally?.

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Finally, I gave it to the Apple authorised repair centre. They told me IO chip and wire had to be replaced. Since it was in warranty it got it repaired for free.

  • Glad to hear it worked out! For anyone checking, yes, AppleCare does work internationally. I think the biggest challenge is usually finding a service location but AppleCare should be able to direct you to one.
    – Mr Rabbit
    Commented Apr 30, 2014 at 14:38

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