Does Apple have keyboard shortcuts to switch between applications in Mission Control? (Instead of hovering over with the cursor)?

e.g., which key combination cal I press to get me from "preview" to "app store?"

Mission Control


There is no keyboard shortcut to switch between applications within Mission Control.

In System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Mission Control you can see all of the built in keyboard shortcuts available:

  • Mission Control
  • Show Notification Center
  • Turn Do Not Disturb On/Off
  • Application Windows
  • Show Desktop
  • Show Dashboard
  • Mission Control
    • Move left a space
    • Move right a space
    • Switch to Desktop n

None of which allow you to move between applications in a space.

Mission Control is designed to be used with a mouse or trackpad. If you only use the keyboard, don't activate Mission Control, instead use command + tab to switch between apps.

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    Command+tab unfortunately doesn't do the same, though. It will not switch between multiple windows from the same app, for example (it may be the only difference). – Ixxzz Jun 18 at 15:34

For anyone wanting a good way to switch windows with the keyboard. I found https://contexts.co/ the best solution out there.

It's incredibly fast and allows you to select windows based on a fuzzy text search or keyboard shortcuts.

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  • Contexts is awesome, but sadly doesn't allow for searching within tabs. It only searches the top-most/active tab of each window. Witch (manytricks.com/witch) is similar to Contexts. Not as fast, but it allows for searching within tabs of a window. I'm hoping Contexts will add tab searching soon (it's on their todo list), but, until then, I find Witch more useful. – Troy Oct 8 '19 at 18:28

enter image description hereCMD+tab allows you to switch between applications

In mission control Control+arrow key allows you to switch between spaces

Here is a great link for all mac shortcuts http://www.danrodney.com/mac/

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    This doesn't answer the questions :( . – Ramesh Karna Jan 26 '18 at 19:01

Hammerspoon is a great solution to this problem. Especially being I already had been using it for years. Once you install you can use the lua code supplied in the docs to get started. https://www.hammerspoon.org/docs/hs.expose.html

Once invoked through a shortcut of your liking it assigns and displays a keycode to each of the open windows inside expose/mission control. You can set filters and customize however you'd like.

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