There is a feature in terminal to view man-page of selected string in external window with ⌃⌘? shortcut.

But it has a priority to display preinstalled man pages. So for example I've installed gnu coreutils with homebrew and have edited man-pages search path. And if I do man ls in console I get man-page from gnu coreutils but help menu action gives me bsd man-page.

Is it possible to fix man-pages search path for it?

  • Try running which man. Mine is /usr/bin/man but yours may have changed by the installation of the GNU coreutils.
    – 0942v8653
    Commented May 3, 2014 at 18:46

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Instead of that you can use Dash. It is an application for having and reading different programming languages docsets offline. It also has the ability to read the man pages available on your system.

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