In a Gmail email, you can put periods in your email, but in the end, the address is seen without them.
So dave.tess@gmail.com is also seen as davetess@gmail.com or even d.a.v.e.tess@gmail.com.

My question is, does iCloud handle emails this way too? If I have an address with periods in it, could I send an email to the same address without periods and receive it?


No, this doesn't work for iCloud email addresses. Just tried it and the email failed to deliver — the email must be exactly correct.

  • Interestingly, I didn't get a permanent failure message from the mail daemon for my no dot test even though it never arrives: myname@icloud.com (never arrives), m.y.n.a.m.e@icloud.com (failure notification), my.name@icloud.com (valid, arrives). Jun 27 '16 at 7:37

You can create an email alias in iCloud to accept your dotted version.

Eg. If your iCloud address is mydoghasfleas@icloud.com, then my.dog.has.fleas@icloud.com won't work, unless you add an email alias for it in your iCloud email account. See:


For full instructions on how to create your email aliases.


Technically this depends.

If the address was set up under the me.com days and you already created an alias with the dot then it will work. Otherwise, it will not.

I have an address previously set up with an alias (during iCloud's me.com days) and mail will be received at the "dotted" address. I think currently iCloud does not allow additional aliases if you were not grandfathered under me.com.

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