My wife broke the screen on her MacBook. I want to buy a replacement and try to put it in myself. How do I determine the correct screen to buy? It is a 13.3" screen. But, the computer is several years old.

I am not asking for a product recommendation. I am going to buy the official Apple screen. I just read that not every screen fits every MacBook. For instance, one site said I have to worry about which wireless antenna I have. Another said I have to worry about unibody or not. But, I don't know the various specs of the MacBook my wife has. I tried to look up the serial number online, but it doesn't list the model number when I do that.


Sounds to me like you need to identify your Mac model more than anything else. Give a try How to identify which model is my Mac?

Once you know your precise model, you may want to go to ifixit.com to identify the precise piece number you’re looking for.

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