A thing that I like with Windows 7 is that I can have the gadgets (widgets) open and visible all the time, e.g. a small RSS reader in the corner of the desktop.

I would like to be able to have a small RSS reader in the corner of my Mac OS X desktop too. I already use a RSS reader as Dashboard widget, but I have to press F12 every time I want to chek it. Are there any way I can show the widgets all the time while I'm working in other applications? I haven't used the Dashboard that much before.


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You can drag a widget outside the "screen" it appears in, if you enable the debugging mode for the Dashboard.

  • Open a Terminal window, and execute the following command: defaults write com.apple.dashboard devmode YES
  • log out, and log in back
  • press the key-combination that in your Mac shows the Dashboard
  • grab the widget you want to take off from the Dashboard, and drag it
  • press the key-combination that you used to make the Dashboard appear
  • drop the widget when you want to place it

Alternatively, there are some utilities that enable it for you; I cannot report you which ones are, though.


You could try out GeekTool. There are some geeklets available to show an RSS feed on your desktop and are relatively easy to set up if you do a bit of reading.

You can download GeekTool from here -> http://projects.tynsoe.org/en/geektool/

Geeklets -> http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/about/

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