In a moment of stupidity I installed a program on my OS X 10.8.5 that was suppose to turn my Iphone into a remote for my powerbook. I was gifted with this hijacker app SearchInstallmac

I've read a lot about it, removed all the files I can find. The list of files I have deleted are found here:


and here


My Chrome Browser is still trying to re-direct to the malware site. I have cookies blocked and so it can't redirect but I'd love to remove it completely.

I'm I missing something or a file that still needs to be deleted? Do I need to reinstall Chrome?


I would head straight to sophos where they provide free virus and malware scanning software as well as removal tools.

Their product is quite well vetted and used by enterprise and many organizational IT departments. Worst case, you could reboot your Mac into recovery mode and install a fresh OS onto a USB drive and then install the cleaning software there, but from what you've listed a decent tool might clean things up with little muss or fuss.

  • Thanks so much for your suggestion. The antivirus software my IT department has running on my system didn't catch this nasty bug, but Sophos did. – user74950 Apr 6 '14 at 0:34

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