I wanted to add a keyboard shortcut to teleport via the System Preferences.

teleport is a preference pane not an application so I can't select it.

I tried to assign my keyboard to "All applications" but it didn't work.

Edit: I am more looking for assigning a keyboard shortcut to a Preference pane menu item than assigning a global shortcut to a preference pane.

For example, in teleport I want to assign a shortcut to the menu item "Deactivate teleport". One can access to this menu item by clicking on the teleport icon in the OS X menu bar.

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You can create an Automator based service that opens the specific preference pane.

You can find the preference pane bundles in the Library/PreferencePanes set of folders:

  • /System/Library/PreferencePanes
  • /Library/PreferencePanes
  • ~/Library/PreferencePanes

Preference panes are special bundles that when opened from the Finder, will launch System Preferences.app and automatically switch to their settings.

  1. Create an Automator Service
  2. Drag the desired preference pane onto the Automator workflow
  3. Add the Open Finder Items action…
  4. …and select System Preferences.app in the action
  5. Add a Watch Me Do action to record any clicks and interactions with the panel

To assign this workflow as a keyboard shortcut, see this Tuts+ tutorial, How to Launch Any App with a Keyboard Shortcut.


System Preferences panes are applications.

You can find them in :

  • /System/Library/PreferencePanes (Apple's Prefpanes)

  • /Library/Preferences (System Wide preferences)

  • ~/Library/PreferencePanes (User only preferences)


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