I forget my passcode and when I reset my phone I lost all my data, photos and apps. I was connecting to iTunes but I never backed up.

How can I get all my photos and apps on my iPhone 5 without a back up?

I was able to restore my apps from iTunes, but its like new again, how can I include the data inside the applications?

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    The whole point of a backup is that it allows you to get back everything, if you haven't done this then I don't know how you intend on getting your data.
    – Maximus
    Apr 2, 2014 at 16:11

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But if you have a apple ID you can get apps back by simply downloading them on device with no extra fee


Since you have NO back up there is no place where your data could come from (they are lost).

Sorry, but next time do a back up before doing stuff like Factory reset.

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