At the foot of the About This Mac window:

  • some Macs show License Agreement
  • some Macs show License and Warranty.

What determines whether the word Warranty appears?

(For someone whose late 2013 Mac Pro 6,1 serial number is listed in their support profile, the word does not appear.)


Are the two spellings of 'license' and 'licence' accurate in your question? The second spelling is usually a British spelling variation, (like labour for labor, aluminium for aluminum, &c.)

I would hazard a guess that the word 'Warrantee' appears because different legal conditions are in effect if this particular Mac/OS X was purchased in the UK.

My iMac, registered with AppleCare and purchased in the the US, does not have 'Warrantee.'

  • The screenshots that I have seen show License and Warranty – thanks for the question. I have edited the opening post. – Graham Perrin Apr 2 '14 at 17:52

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