Most of the time when I login or open the lid my macbook bro mid 2012, the webcam light turns on for about a second and then turns off. Is there anything I should be worried about like a virus using my webcam to take photos of me from my computer or something?

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    Possibly, but the webcam can also be used without the light on... As per Dutch government, put a sticker on it if you don't use it on purpose. – Rob Mar 28 '14 at 14:09

It's possible you have installed, or someone else has installed, a system utility to capture the image from the iSight when opened. This is often something an anti-theft application might do, in order to track down the user of a stolen laptop.

One combination of utilities that can do this sort of thing is "sleepwatcher"

You might check to see if there is a file at


or an invisible file in your home directory called


If so, sleepwatcher is installed.

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This happened to me and I found it was because photobooth was open and trying to access the camera everytime it woke. I'd make sure it's closed.

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