I'm using Keynote 09 (version 5.1.1) and the latest Safari. Is there a way to make the "flip" and "orbital" show up in the html slides? (During the export process they were changed to "dissolve").


Most 'advanced' animations don't work in the exported HTML presentations from Keynote '09. This is a known limitation of the software and does not appear to be a bug1 since the animations are replaced with the Dissolve animation.

Keynote 6 has much better HTML export using iCloud with support for most of the animations in the latest browsers. If you need such animations, consider updating to Keynote 6 or use Keynote for iCloud.

Choose beautifully designed slide transitions ranging from smooth fades to elaborate animations so engaging you may forget you’re working in your browser.

1 I'm sure I remember reading somewhere a list of animations which weren't supported in HTML exports from Keynote '09, but I can't find it now.

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