What is it?

(I know, oh so subjective.)

So let's make that, what's the most effective and pain free way to do it? I realize those may be contradictory conditions.


The easiest and most pain free way is to use homebrew


Once you follow the instructions to install homebrew on this page (which include installing Xcode), you can then simply type

brew install wine

And this will download and compile wine and all its dependendencies.

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    Well, that gets you WINE. But I mean stuff like Wineskin and WineBottler. Tools that make WINE operation and configuration easier. – Nathaniel Apr 21 '11 at 3:54
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    In terms of most effective and pain free - vanilla wine is the best and most up-to-date way. WineBottler in particular seems pretty inactive. Check out the Wine FAQ wiki.winehq.org/FAQ There isn't much configuration required, simply start an app with wine /path/to/app.exe – robzolkos Apr 21 '11 at 4:20
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    I followed the brew way but I got errors while trying to run applications, like complaining about missing common controls library, visual studio runtimes and so. – sorin Oct 8 '11 at 13:15
  • @robZolkos WineBottler seems to run stable wine, hence the infrequent updates. Still works like a charm though. (Except maybe winetricks) – Hawken Jul 24 '12 at 0:08

You can install wine using MacPorts or Fink they both are recommended my wine.

As for GUI applications for wine the only thing besides wine's own utilities is winetricks. They are pretty useful for automatically downloading and installing different applications and dlls with their dependencies.

If your OSX is older than 10.5 than you will definitely need to install XQuartz (newer version already include X server).


Install MacPorts at first.

Let's search packages matching 'wine':

port search wine
wine @1.4 (x11)
    Wine Is Not an Emulator

wine-crossover @11.0.0 (x11)
    Wine Is Not an Emulator (1.4-rc5 with CodeWeavers modifications for CrossOver)

wine-crossover-games @10.1.1 (x11)
    Wine Is Not an Emulator (1.3.9 with CodeWeavers modifications for CrossOver Games)

wine-devel @1.5.0 (x11)
    Wine Is Not an Emulator

winetricks @20120308 (x11)
    downloads and installs various redistributable runtime libraries

Now we see that we can either install CodeWeavers version or just usual wine. Let's install usual wine (I think that for another one you need some kind of licesce):

sudo port install wine

It's also a good idea to install winetricks:

sudo port install winetricks


Install Fink as deskribed here.

fink list wine
     wine                  1.3.21-1         Microsoft Windows compatibility layer
     wine-dev              1.3.21-1         Microsoft Windows compatibility layer
     winetricks            20111120-2       Install redistributable runtime tools in Wine

Let's now install them

fink install wine
fink install winetricks

After installation

In terminal enter wine and press [Tab] and you will see utiles that come with wine (and winetricks of course):

wine         winebuild    wineconsole  winedbg      winefile     winegcc      winemine     wineserver   
wineboot     winecfg      winecpp      winedump     wineg++      winemaker    winepath     winetricks

winecfg is very useful to configure wine (dlls overriding, Windows version selection, etc.)

Is also probably posible to install wine on top of Gentoo prefix, but I'm not sure that you will get X support in this case.


I would suggest using Winebottler from http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/ works fine for me!


Most pain free way is to use Codeweavers's paid for version Crossover

It has useful default settings and for many apps provides C4P or CrossTie which will do all the installation and set up of the app from one script.


The best graphical install of Wine is Wineskin. It puts all the tools in a GUI and creates a standalone .app file that Mac will run as a native app. Here is a tutorial that is using Steam as an example.


If you plan on porting several applications then you'll want to run just one Wine environment. MacPorts or Homebrew are probably your best options.


Hope this helps!

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