I tried to add a picture in the folder /User/Media/DCIM/100APPLE/ (the same as /private/var/mobile/DCIM/100APPLE/), but it doesn't show up in the Camera Roll.

How can we make it appear?
It's an iPhone 3G running iOS 4.3.1.


Following the advice in this forum thread, I've deleted the files (after backing up to the computer):

  • /User/Media/PhotoData/com.apple.photos.caches_metadata.plist
  • /User/Media/PhotoData/Photos.sqlite
  • /User/Media/PhotoData/PhotosAux.sqlite

After opening the Photos app again, it rebuilds the Library:

updating library

It's important to use the pattern IMG_0000.ext for the pictures file names:

  • 0000 being numeric ID of our choosing
  • .ext is a JPG or PNG extension
  • we can add letters after the numeric ID to prevent conflicts with the device ID counter, ie, IMG_0041b.png, IMG_0041c.png, IMG_0041d.png.
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