I used the tags / label color highlighting feature in the past OS's extensively to order my folders. Now I've changed to 10.9 they seem to have all changed to a little dot, which is not as easy to see. Is there a way to get Mavericks to allow you to color the file / folder name as in previous versions of the OS?


I tend to view my folders using the list view as below

list view


I would recommend to use an application called Folders Factory for that.

You can download it from the Mac App Store and it only costs $2.99, so it will not break your budget, but it has some very fancy features you might like.

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  • Thanks @buscar - Do you know if that allows you to change the add colour to the a folder name rather than colouring the folder itself - I tend to view my folders in list view so colouring the folders wouldnt work that well (also if they were files not folders i think id run into an issue) – sam Mar 19 '14 at 14:49
  • Not easy, those are system level fonts and not recommended to change. – Ruskes Mar 19 '14 at 15:42

I recommend the free Extension "XtraFinder". Since Version 0.19 there is a new Option in "Appearance" called "Leagacy Color Label Painting" which brings back the color background in the finder-listmode.

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