In imovie 10 (like in its predecessors) there are a bunch of nice themes. I've got a standard one I use almost all the time. There are some things I always change, though, like the wording of the closing title. And I'd like to show a small logo at the top of the screen during the start and end of the movie, for instance.

Now... this means customizing an existing theme. Or making a new one. Only... I cannot figure out how to do this. Is it possible at all?

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The themes are stored within the Application bundle itself, which is code signed, so even if you figure out how to modify them - the OS will not want to run the tampered application.

You might be better off with the Pro Version of the tool if you need to customize a theme and control or you might be able to create the title and end sequences in Motion and use iMovie for the rest of the editing. That's far less expensive than the Final Cut Pro price - but you can test drive that for free if you wish.

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