I've noticed this after upgrading my iPhone to iOS 7.1.

When scrolling a PDF on iPhone 7.1, a little grey box pops up with page number information near the upper right hand corner of the PDF (e.g., it might say 2 of 32 to indicate that you are on page 2 of a 32 page document). Then, if you wait a few more seconds, it disappears. The problem is that when I scroll, the pop up obscures the text that I want to read. This is particularly noticeable when viewing a PDF with the phone in landscape orientation.

  • Is there a way of hiding this page number information?
  • If not, is there a place to complain about this step back in usability?

E.g., see below how 2 of 4 is obscuring the text:

enter image description here

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    Partial workaround: The Dropbox app no longer puts the page number there. You can save a PDF from the browser and then read it in Dropbox. – leewz Sep 1 '14 at 17:13

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