How can I convert a large number of Pages and Numbers files into corresponding MS Office format in a quick manner.

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iWork Converter can batch convert Pages files to doc without script. Also can convert Numbers files to xls.



Paste this into an Automator run AppleScript.

on run {input, parameters}

    --Select from where you will pick up the pages files
    set theSourceFolder to choose folder with prompt "Select folder with original pages files :"
    --Do it
    tell application "Finder"
        set theNames to name of files of theSourceFolder ¬
            whose name extension is "pages"
    end tell

    --Select where the files will go
    set theDestinationFolder to choose folder with prompt "Select folder where files will go :"

    -- How many files to export
    set item_count to (get count of items in theNames)

    --Get files and export them
    repeat with i from 1 to item_count

        set current_file to item i of theNames -- get a file
        set lean_file to text 1 thru -7 of current_file & ".docx" -- change the originalfile (.pages) to a .MS Word name
        set out_file to (theDestinationFolder as Unicode text) & (lean_file) -- get the fully qualified output name
        set in_file to (theSourceFolder as Unicode text) & (current_file) -- get the fully qualified input file name

        tell application "Pages"
            set mydoc to open file in_file -- open input file in Pages
            export mydoc to file out_file as Microsoft Word --do the exporting
            close mydoc saving no -- close the original file without saving
        end tell

    end repeat

    display dialog "done" -- Job done

    return input

end run

You could also use Automator and some third-party actions such as:


...to make a droplet or service to do the job.

For example:

Open Automator from your Applications folder Make a new Application (File>New>Application)

Next, assuming you have the actions mentioned above, drag in the following actions from the Pages library (in the left hand column):

  • Open Document(s)
  • Export as PDF (remembering to select "All Documents" from the drop down
  • Close Document(s)(again, remembering to select "All Documents" from the drop down

It should look something like this:

enter image description here

Save your Automator app somewhere you can get to it easily (e.g. your Desktop) and simply drop Pages documents onto it as and when you need to.


You could also use my app Docxtor. It lets you convert whole folders of documents and will even reproduce complete folder structures, something which is difficult to achieve by AppleScript.

(Disclaimer: I am the developer of this app!)

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