I'm trying to have users pick a department from a list box. And then that choice is stored in a variable as string.

How can I do this?

I have code written like this:

set deptList to {"dept1", "dept2", "dept3", "dept4"}

set dept_name to {choose from my list deptList}

when I run the script, I get this error.

" doesn't understand the "choose" message". number -1708 from

Am I writing this code wrong?


You were close you had an errant 'my' which you do not need.

set deptList to {"dept1", "dept2", "dept3", "dept4"}

    set dept_name to {choose from list deptList}

Also you should pay attention to the colour code of the text. this will give you a clue as what the Applescript thinks the syntax is you have typed

enter image description here

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