In enterprise wireless environments, access point roaming/hopping is very common. There exists a couple protocols/methods for making this seamless. That is, to make re-authentication when hopping to the next AP on an SSID smooth.

One is called Opportunistic Key Caching or sometimes called Proactive Key Caching, abbreviated OKC or PKC.

Here is a PDF from Aruba Networks describing OKC/PKC

Here is a Cisco page describing PMK Caching vs OKC vs CCKM

Windows and various Linux OSes support this protocol.

Apple OSX supports a similar thing called Pairwise Master Key ID Validation (PMKID Validation). From the Cisco link, we see that OKC is preferable to PMKID Caching when seamless AP hopping is the number 1 goal.

Question 1:

  • Does current OSX support the OKC/PKC protocol/method? How about current iOS? As of 2011, according to Aruba, Apple does not support OKC/PKC.

Question 2:

  • Is PMKID Caching the same as PMKID Validation?

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