I have MAMP Pro installed and recently configured a local virtual host called: test.local.

Now my OSX terminal prompt says

test:~ username$

I just noticed also when an email bounced back the raw header also shows test.local:

Received: from cpe-111-111-111-111.lns1.lon.somehost.com ([]:22222 helo=testhost.local)

I've tried running...

scutil --set LocalHostName properHostName

…but it hasn't had an effect. Also, if I do override it to the original proper hostname, will there be negative side effects?

  • I guess you anonymized the above, but for documentation purpose: It is not a good idea not to use RFC 1918 addresses for local setups. Additionally next time questions like this might be more suitable for Server Fault. – Max Ried Mar 6 '14 at 4:40

Doing this fixed it:

sudo hostname properhostname.local

And I haven't noticed any side-effects yet. I can still access the virtual host using testhost.local. Works after a MAMP restart also.

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