I am looking for the easy way to rename all images, or other groups of multiple files, together in OS X Mavericks.

Is it possible with Preview or any other standard OS X application?

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You can use OS X's Automator.app to quickly rename batches of images. The Actions you want are:

  • Get Selected Finder Items
  • Rename Finder Items

Using this approach you can rename files, change the case, or append/remove specific parts of the original file name.

Automator rename workflow

You can create droplet like applications using Automator to make the whole process a single drag-and-drop. Alternatively you can set up a folder action to rename any image dropped into a folder.

To learn more about using Automator, see Apple's Mac Basics: Automator.

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    Alternately you can save a workflow as a "Service" which is then available through Finder. This is what I use to batch rename files.
    – Mr Rabbit
    Feb 25, 2014 at 17:29

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