A botched terminal command left me without a /usr/share folder. Most things seem to be running ok (although I haven't restarted since, so it's not clear if I'd have errors on reboot). There are already a few things wrong though, such as not being able to backspace in zshell, and emacs refusing to start up (giving me a Cannot open terminfo database file message). I'm not sure what in all is stored there, so I don't know what if anything I can do to reinstall necessary files, etc. Alternatively, is there a repair utility built in to OS X that might be able to restore at least some of the most essential things?

Note: I unfortunately don't have any backup software installed. Live and learn.

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Tough break. If you have never backed up with Time Machine, then you should look at this link for a post on free undelete utilities. Or you can ask a colleague to compress their /usr/share folder if you're desperate. Last suggestion would be setting up a VM with your OSX version and copying it from there, but if you don't have Fusion or Parallels already installed, they'll ask for a reboot.

Good luck.

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