I'd like to move text boxes on the official OneNote iPad app, but can't figure out how to do so.

I've tried tapping and dragging, and double-tapping and dragging, but both only scroll the page.

OneNote screenshot

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I am a regular user of the current OneNote iPad app. Your only option for moving the text boxes is to use the iOS method for selecting, cutting and pasting. There is not currently a way to grab text box handle and move the entire box like you can with the desktop app.

After you select and cut your text, tap into the area of the page you wish to move the box and then tap and hold and paste.

FWIW, the rumor mill says that Microsoft will release a full-on touch compatible version of the office suite, including OneNote for the iPad very soon. Hopefully that version will support more of the features of the desktop app like moving the text boxes.

Happy computing.


You can use onenote online to move and size text boxes then switch back to app to further edit


I use a program called Outline+. It will let you move and size just like using the program on a desktop. It will also sync with your OneDrive files. It would be nice if Microsoft could add this.

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