I have a Raspberry Pi which I access from my Mac using ssh and VNC (tightvncserver). I am using OS X Screen Sharing

I want to be able to copy from OS X and paste into a GUI app on the Pi. (Copying using ssh works as normal).

Share the contents of the Clipboard with another Mac mentions using Edit >Use Shared Clipboard, but this option is greyed out when sharing the Pi.

Is there any way to paste into the Pi GUI?

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The first thing to try would be installing autocutsel on the Pi.

You can find details at Raspberry Pi StackExchange.

Once you have that installed try both turning on shared clipboard and sending the clipboard from the Mac.

If that doesn't work then try a VNC client app such as Chicken.

  • I tried this, and rebooted the Pi (but not the Mac), and unfortunately it did not work.
    – Milliways
    Feb 17, 2014 at 1:35

When working on python scripts my work-around is to open a terminal session on the mac and SSH in to the Pi at the same time as the screen sharing session. I do the copy pasting in the terminal session (running nano editor) and everything else in the screen sharing session. Not an elegant solution.


The suggested answer did not work, but is no longer an issue.

I use the RealVNC server now included in Raspberry Pi OS and installed the VNC Viewer which allows Copy/Paste.

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