I am looking for a Twitter client for OS X, which does not directly connect to Twitter.

I mean something like Hootsuite, brought to Desktop.

And why I want this? Because Twitter is blocked in my country, and I want a client acts like a proxy by connecting to their own service, and their own servers connect to Twitter.


  • Hola does not work. I think it's blocked too (maybe I am wrong).
  • Tor works, but it is too slow. It takes ages to load the first page of Twitter. I am still looking for a better solution.
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    Upvote because "blocked in my country" makes me want to see you get a solution to this. – Ian C. Feb 15 '14 at 16:22
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    A VPN (or Tor) might be the better solution in this case though – nohillside Feb 15 '14 at 16:32

You can use Spotflux. It runs on system level which means you can use Twitter for OS X and other apps without having to install additional plugins in browsers.

There are also other paid alternatives like TunnelBear or NetShade. I personally use NetShade because it doesn’t require Java like Spotflux.


If I understand your question you can use Hola as a free VPN and simulate you're in an other (selectable) country. Works great, installable as plugin in firefox and google chrome.

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