I'm running OS X Mavericks 10.9.1. Some of my Dock icons for running applications, including the Finder icon, now appear blank and empty, or as a square filled with random noise pixels.

I have tried "Verify Disk" in Recovery mode, and it detects no errors. I have Repaired Permissions and rebooted.

Is there some cache to flush or database to rebuild that could fix this seemingly harmless but annoying anomaly?


In case you don't want to use some "cache cleaner app" then just try doing it manually from the terminal with these three commands followed by a reboot:

sudo find /private/var/folders/ -name com.apple.dock.iconcache -exec rm {} \;

sudo find /private/var/folders/ -name com.apple.iconservices -exec rm -rf {} \;

sudo rm -rf /Library/Caches/com.apple.iconservices.store


Alternatively a single boot into Safe Mode once could/should clear out some caches.

Worked For Me™ in Sierra (10.12)


I used a utility (CleanMyMac 2) to flush all the User and System cache files, and when I rebooted, the problem seems to have been solved.

So I don't know which specific cache needed flushing, but everything looks good now.

And yes, I could have done this with Terminal commands, but I prefer to use something with a GUI.



If it was my Mac I'd start by clearing all the caches with AppleJack. This is a great utility for this sort of task.

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