I followed the procedure for using dd to put an OS X iso on a USB stick from Linux that is described here. The problem I'm having is that my Late 2006 Intel MacBook does not recognize the USB stick at all. I cannot use a Mac to install this because the Mac boots into a kernel panic(which is why I am reinstalling the OS).

command used that failed: sudo dd bs=4M if="./macosx" of=/dev/sdb && sync


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I think that you also need to bless that partition in order to make it bootable.

This is what I'd use on a Mac, but not sure if it still works on Linux box.

sudo bless -folder /Volumes/TARGET/System/Library/CoreServices


This is a bit difficult to fix.

The problem you are having is that the native Mac boot loader relies on a bunch of things to recognise a valid Mac OS X boot device and you haven't provided them.

To fix it you will need to discover which is the EFI partition on your USB drive and then install something like rEFInd into that partition and let it do the required lifting.

Getting it all working is a non-trivial task. If I was you I'd find a friend with a Mac and build it on that. Much easier.

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