I would like to see all the file types that a particular application is set as the default for. I will change some of these default file type associations; I know how to do that on a filetype by filetype basis. My question is, can I find a list of what file types an app has set itself as the default for so I can do the ones I want all at once?

On this site I found How can I disassociate a single app (e.g., XCode) from all file types it's mapped to? which is close to my question but people seem to think it is a duplicate of the change-default-app question (I disagree). Anyway there is some information there about all associated file types, but unless I misunderstand, nothing about the default-open which is what I am concerned with.

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Take a look at RCDefaultApp for Mac OS X. This app adds a "Default Apps" preference pane to your System Settings where you can view and change your Mac's file associations. Under the hood it interacts with the LaunchServices database.

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