In iTunes, I have many audio files which aren't music. In my case they are guitar tutorial tracks, but others may have similar things which are for language learning or self-help/hypnosis tracks.

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I don't want these lumped in with the rest of my music, as I find they clutter up my music collection, make it hard to find things and makes playing my music on 'shuffle' a strange experience.

I know I can untick the songs to prevent them from being played, or create some kind of playlist for the songs I do want to play, but these are not ideal solutions.

Is there a way of removing them from the 'Music' super-folder altogether, ideally creating a new super-folder just for them? (By super-folder I mean the 'Music', 'Movies' and 'TV Shows' categories that appear on the left).

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Select all the items and get the item information by pressing Command+I. Choose Options tab and change the Media Kind to the suitable category. It doesn’t let you create a new category, but the some of existing categories should fit to your media (perhaps using iTunes U or Audiobook).

Media Kind in iTunes 10

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