I'd like to be able to display videos and pictures through my MacBook Pro's webcam on Skype and other online chat sites. I previously used programs such as ManyCam to emulate a webcam, however, many online sites no longer accept external video inputs - only iSight (built-in or external).

Is there any way to be able to send the output from ManyCam to the input of iSight? This way, I can still display videos on sites which only allow iSight, as the video will technically be coming from an iSight cam.

  • It's very unlikely that any site only accept iSight; I suspect they only allow specific types of cameras. Can you give an example website? And have you tried any other video sources (USB, FW, or Thunderbolt based)? – Elliott Feb 21 '14 at 19:05

Camtwist works for such things (haven't yet personally tested it in mavericks)

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