I have to unzip a bunch of files in a bunch of different folders. So I select one file to unzip, then move onto the next file. But as I set a bunch of files to unzip, they start to complete and start popping up new windows!

Pretty soon my screen is covered with new windows popping up constantly and it becomes a pain to navigate, whether it's to select new files to unzip or do something else.

Secondly, on Windows I've used to have my newly created zip-files to be in the end of the file list, ie. they appear as the last item in the Explorer when viewing the folder's contents.

On OS X, though, the zip-files get sorted automatically, which is not what I'd prefer.


  • How to configure OS X to append new files in a folder to the end of the folder (regardless of how its sorted)?
  • How to configure new folders to not pop up when unzipping has finished?
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Archive Utility can be lightly configured. The easy way to do it is to open an archive file and as soon as you see a progress dialog, hit Command (⌘) + , in order to bring up the app preferences.

Otherwise, you can manually open the Archive Utility alone by browsing to /System/Library/CoreServices and opening Archive Utility.app. Afterwards, you can use the Archive Utility menu to get to the preferences, or again use Command (⌘) + , to open the app's preferences up.

Archive Utility.app Preferences


Whilst not an answer to your first question/problem directly, one workaround would be to:

  1. Select all of the zips that you wish to open/unzip.
  2. Press CMD + O to open all the zip files.
  3. Wait for them all to complete and open the finder windows.
  4. Press CMD + Option + W to close all Finder windows
    (Warning, this will close other windows not generated by the unzipping too)

Question: how to configure OSX to append new files in a folder to the end of the folder (regardless of how its sorted), and how to configure new folders to not pop up when unzipped.

VxJasonxV provided an answer for the latter part of the question, so here is the first part.

Make sure you've only checked Arrange by… option rather than Keep arranged by… option (displayed when ⌥ Option / Alt is pressed) under the View menu.

The Keep arranged by option is similar to automatic sorting in Windows and will automatically sort the contents of the folder. The automatic sort cannot be omitted neither in OSX or Windows — in other ways than turning it off, that is.

For demonstration, here I zipped amg-1.png with Arrange by… Name set (ie. no keep):

no keep

And here is the same file zipped, but with Keep arranged by… Name set:


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