In my activity monitor I have noticed that there is a process appearing that has no name. It is owned by root.

enter image description here

How can I find out what this process is?


Try clicking the "info" button and then running a sample on the process. For me, the process turned out to by iStatLocalDaemon.

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I usually have process like this on my "Activity Monitor" too, and there is no additional information related to it when I push the "Info" button.

First I get the PID showed at the "Activity Monitor", in your example, is


In my case, it was the 725 PID.

I went to the "Terminal" and looked up for that PID manually, using ps command:

ps -ea | grep 725

The result was:

  725 ??         0:00.13 com.apple.activititymonitor.helper

Now I have an idea about what the process without name is :)

I hope this can resolves your doubts.

Best Regards.

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