I recently imported my S/MIME certificate into iOS 7. I am able to read signed/encrypted message sent from my mac to the iPhone.


I am UNABLE to send signed / encrypted mails from the iPhone.

This is strange:

  • First I open the Mail app and start composing a mail. Immediately I see that the messages will be send encrypted (according hint in the app). But how can the app know, that it will send encrypted mail BEFORE I entered a recipient?
  • Also, as soon as I tap into one of the fields (CC, BCC, etc) the hint "encrypted" disappears
  • I am not able to encrypt / sign mails

Pretty complicated to describe. Any similar experiences? Buggy?

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You need to have, installed on your iPhone, the public key of the person you intend to send an encrypted message to.

Mail.app on OS X imports the certificates of people who send you mail, automatically. On iOS, you have to do it manually, unless your iPhone is part of a corporate deployment.

It's easy! Simply find an email the recipient has sent to you, tap the checkmark icon next to their name, tap "view certificate", and tap "install".

"Signed" indicator


The mail can only be encrypted as long as the recipient als uses S/MIME encryption and the mail client knows the recipient's public key. As long as you do not meet that requirements, your mail will be signed, will include a public key, but will not be encrypted.

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