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iPad PDF Reader with annotation support?

I'm considering purchasing a PDF annotation app for the iPad; mostly something that allows me to highlight, add handwritten and typed notes, comments, etc.

I have three closely-related questions:

  1. Does anybody know of a recent review of PDF annotation tools for the iPad / iPad 2?
  2. Alternatively, does anybody have/know of a list of pros-and-cons of the different PDF annotation tools for the iPad?
  3. Does Adobe have any official application for the iPad? If not, is there are a reason why they don't?


  1. A recent review written on March 15th, 2011 placed the top 3 PDF annotation apps.


  1. The pros and cons of the apps are included in the response to 1.

  2. Adobe has a few official applications for the iPad including one that I use very often which is Adobe Ideas.

IMO, I bought the iPad app, UPAD. It serves various purposes as a notebook but also includes the functionality of doing what you would like to do with PDF's. A very functional app indeed, but if what you search for is pure PDF annotating, then the provided link with the top PDF annotating apps is your best choice.

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    the link is dead! – sorin Jul 2 '11 at 13:39

I have just been using iAnnotate PDF it's very good for marking PDF's on the go. It's £6.99 in the UK app store. Not sure about the USA price.

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