Say I start a new email, and I decide to discard it. If I press Alt+W, a window prompts me with the following three options shown below:

enter image description here

Most of the time I want to "Discard Changes", but OS X does not let me use TAB to change my selection.

I have tried every key combination, but and the only thing that works is using the mouse to click on "Discard Changes".

I would like to use my keyboard to confirm that yes , I just want to discard my email. Any way to do this?


To do this completely from the keyboard, go to System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts and enable Full Keyboard Access to All Controls, or press ⌃F7.

All controls

You can then ⇥ between the buttons, and space to select.
↩︎ will always select the default button (in this case, Save).

Tabbing between buttons

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