I have a large collection of Audio CDs I would like to convert to audio files. My requirements are:

  • FLAC and MP3 support: I would like to keep a lossless version of the CDs in original quality.
  • CDDB / MusicBrainz connectivity: I would like to have the track and album filenames downloaded from the net, rather than type them manually.
  • OSX Mavericks compatibility
  • Reasonable GUI

Is there a good application for that, preferably using an open-source one?

  • Do you want to rip your Audio CDs into FLAC files, do you just want to playback FLAC files or do you have FLAC files you want to convert into something playable by iTunes
    – nohillside
    Feb 1, 2014 at 13:05
  • I would like to convert my Audio CDs to FLAC files on the mac Hard drive, and I don't want iTunes to be involved. Edited my question accordingly.
    – Adam Matan
    Feb 1, 2014 at 13:09

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X Lossless Decoder, Max. Both open source and for mac.

  • You may also check out FFMPEG, a command line tool for converting nearly every audio and video file. Cheers!
    – Leonardo
    Feb 1, 2014 at 14:00
  • xld works fine, thanks. Max is a little outdated (last updated in 2009).
    – Adam Matan
    Feb 1, 2014 at 14:36
  • 1
    Yes, you're right. :)
    – Leonardo
    Feb 1, 2014 at 15:12
  • Why the downvote?
    – Adam Matan
    Feb 1, 2014 at 15:58
  • I didn't do that ...
    – Leonardo
    Feb 1, 2014 at 16:22

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