This may be a tad specific but it's one thing that irks me with OS X.

In Photoshop, if I want to change a layer style from 'Normal' to say 'Overlay', I need to click the dropdown list and select 'Overlay'. If I then wanted to change this again, I can't just use the keyboard buttons to scroll up or down the list - I need to go in using the mouse again and it's a bit of a pain.

Scrolling with the arrow keys works fine on other drop down lists like fonts etc.

Any ideas?

  • Hear, hear! Though this might be unanswerable and be because of how Photoshop is written. I've also noticed that navigating in the dialogs doesn't work as in other apps, even when keyboard access: all controls is selected in the OSX preferences. Arrow keys might work in font, opacity etc. drop-downs because they allow keyboard input. Apr 13, 2011 at 15:53

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I am not sure if you can do this with the arrow keys but there are shortcut keys for navigating the layers box

Changing layer styles

(with layer selected) hold down ⌥ + ⇧ (option & shift) and use the + or - keys to cycle through the various layer dropdown

Navigation of layers

UP ⌥ + ]

DOWN ⌥ + [

Repositioning a selected layer

(with layer selected) Move up a layer with ⌘ + ]

(with layer selected) Move down a layer with ⌘ + [

these work for me with the CS5 version of photoshop

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