I'd like to visualize some data from a MySQL database using a Mac, but it hasn't been easy finding a solution to this. I understand Excel has DB connectivity, but currently I only have Apple Numbers.

Is it possible to connect my data source to Numbers so I can start making some charts?

Thanks for the suggestions and information; I'm exploring using OOO Base and Calc instead

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There is no way to make Numbers get data from a database. (It's more of a consumer tool.) https://discussions.apple.com/thread/1827581

A workaround: you can use Excel to grab the data, and import the XLS file to Numbers for prettier chart-making.


If this is a one-time thing, you can export your data into a .csv file, and then open it with Numbers. Use a query similar to this to export the data:

SELECT order_id,product_name,qty
FROM orders
INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/orders.csv'

The way I usually do this, is opening the table in phpMySQL, then simply copy'n'paste the data into Numbers. It's not automatic, but works like a charm if don't mind the added step and/or you don't have to do it with many different tables.

My workflow:

  1. Open phpMySQL in the view that I want (use a bookmark for that)
  2. Copy the results table
  3. Paste in Numbers matching style (cmd+shift+opt+V)

That's it.


Alternatively you can use Open Office Base which runs on Mac, Windows and Linux. This does support mysql, and this is what I use to store data and retrieve data from my MySql server.

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