I have changed my mind about this app but when I try to remove it by dragging it to the trash and then try to empty the trash I get a message that the trash can not be emptied because the program is running. How do I stop it running so I can trash it?

  • Reboot, then move it to Trash.
  • Open Activity Monitor, find it in the list, then quit it, and drag it to Trash.
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Try the free app AppCleaner which will delete it and and all of its associated files.

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This is what I found online about how to remove Wondershare from Mac.

  • Click Start menu and move your mouse to All Programs.

  • Find Wondershare Video Converter for Mac 2.0.0 folder and click on its Uninstaller.

  • Follow its uninstaller and uninstall the program.

To run its uninstaller, you can also

  • Go to the folder where the program is installed.

  • Locate its uninstaller usually named as unins000.exe or uninstall.exe

  • Double click on its uninstaller and follow it to uninstall the program.

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  • How do you run an .exe on a Mac? – nohillside May 13 '15 at 6:48

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