Chinese names are quite elaborate and quite different from the "standard American name" that the Mac Address Book is based on.

Notably I'm looking for a good way to

  • Store a person's Chinese name – an alias written in Chinese characters.
  • Store a person's western alias in addition to their transliterated Chinese name.
  • Minimize duplicate contact issues (via sync and social network imports) that can't easily be de-duplicated through the Look for Duplicates... command.

This is somewhat related to How do I enter Dutch names in Address Book? but for people who wants to file details of their PRC and Chinese diaspora contacts.


Go to Keyboard Preference Pane.There are four tabs there. Select Input Sources. Click the + button located at the bottom of the language sidebar. Select Chinese language from there. You can also switch languages with the "Show input menu in the menu bar".

Keyboard Language Preferences

  • This doesn't say which field to enter it to. – adib Jan 28 '14 at 1:31

I normally store the western aliases as "nickname".

  • Do you normally write Chinese characters in your computer? – adib Jan 13 '15 at 4:39

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