So I wanted to play some pokemon games on my iPod touch, and I jailbreaked it with redsn0w 0.9.15b3. In the end I couldn't use neither safari nor anything apple related(plus my home key isn't working as it should and I couldn't "just root" it). Now, I want to know how to remove jailbreak. I don't care if any data is lost or anything. It's iPod 4G 8gb and I can't install iOs7 'cause of that.


Just use iTunes and restore it. You could also use your jailbrooken backup to get your saves and stuff back, or just start a clean one and let iCloud sync contacts and primary stuff back.


Just upgrade the iOS if you haven't already. Or restore it using iTunes. Or you could reset the iPod by holding both power and home buttons until it gets to the lock screen.

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