If I view and sort files in a directory using Finder's list view I seem to be limited to a rather anaemic:

  • Name
  • Date Modified
  • Size
  • Kind

Now, take an .mp3 file for example. There is potentially a lot of metadata associated with that file, and this may be a useful basis to sort by.

Is there a way to make available more fields to sort by? Or do I need to resort to a Finder replacement? I realize that iTunes could do most, but not all, of what I want. (iTunes doesn't display some .mp3 metadata fields.)

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I'm pretty sure you're (sadly) limited to the fields in the view options windows (cmd+j).

  • I think you may be right. I was hoping there was some command-linefu that could be done to expose some more fields.
    – boehj
    Apr 14, 2011 at 4:12

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