Is there a keyboard shortcut (or way to set one) that allows to easily switch between different email signatures in mail.app ?


Sorry to dig up an old question, but I had the identical issue today and this was the first result for my google search for “mac mail signature shortcut”. While these answers weren’t what I was looking for, the 3rd google result was a MacWorld hint, which offered the perfect solution.

Here’s the answer: you can assign keyboard shortcuts for your email signatures, “From:” account selection, and even SMTP account from System Preferences → Keyboard → Keyboard Shortcuts → Application Shortcuts. To set up your shortcut, click the + icon, select “Mail.app” from the Application drop down, enter the text of the signature (or other option) as it appears in the New Message window drop down, and give it a keyboard shortcut. Rob Griffiths, the author of the MacWorld hint, advises using (control) in combination with your desired keys to avoid conflicts with existing Mail shortcuts, which seems smart.

In my case, I created a shortcut in Mail.app for the menu title “None” (the first option under signatures) and assigned it the shortcut ⌃X. It is now exceedingly easy for me to clear my default email signature when it doesn’t seem appropriate.

For the purposes of illustration, here is the System Preferences → Keyboard Shortcuts pane (it’s the last item): Screenshot of System Preferences → Keyboard Shortcuts pane

And here is what it looks like in Mail’s New Message window: Screenshot of Mail’s New Message window


In "System Preferences", go to "Language & Text." Under the "Text" button, you have "Symbol & Text Substitution." You should be able to setup a substitution there.

Having said that, I use TextExpander, which is also a paid app ($35). I find it to be very worthwhile.

  • But the "Language & Text." configuration isn't working with Mail or any other useful Apps - only with TextEdit.app – Rene Larsen Apr 14 '11 at 11:53
  • Adium works with it. iChat doesn't. Mail doesn't. TextEdit does. There is an interesting collection of apps (even first-party) that don't support it. I'm sure there's a specific technical reason for it, I just don't know the class names and functions well enough to comment on that specifically. Also, TextExpander is mentioned heavily when on subjects such as this. – Jason Salaz May 14 '11 at 5:46

I use TypeIt4Me for all kind of text - also for my mail signatures. It is like in the AutoCorrect in Word where you type some characters, and they become replaced with the actual word/phrase - this one just work in all Applications.

Another one that do the same replace thing is Typinator - but I haven't tried that one my self.

They are both paid Apps.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I was hoping for a built-in solution but i'll take a look at these – Ben Apr 12 '11 at 7:29

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